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Kidnapped: Captive Audience

Game Description

The recent headlines about people going missing without trace had scared you into being careful… but it would seem you’ve not been careful enough! You've no idea how you got here, or why you're being kept prisoner - but at least you're not alone. There are others, but they are even more scared and confused than you as every time someone new arrives through that dreaded iron gate, another is unchained and dragged away kicking and screaming. Having heard the tortured screams from the adjacent rooms, your courage has been hard to find... until now. None of you can achieve freedom alone, but maybe… just maybe you can escape if you work together!

WARNING! This game is recommended for players aged 12+ (all bookings must include at least one parent or guardian aged 18+) as some people may find certain scenes and scenarios frightening. This game also starts with the players being put in handcuffs or similar restraints, so please consider the disposition of your team members before booking.

Game Details