Want to stretch your legs?

Right outside our building is Sun Pier, where you can relax while watching the boats or jet skis which may be out on the river that day.

Looking for a longer walk? Why not head along the road towards Rochester and explore the new riverside walk.

If you're after a proper walk in the countryside, Medway is located in the North Downs, and a short drive can lead you to any number of reserves / areas to walk in.

Fancy a bit of shopping?

If you want your usual every day brands, then Chatham High Street is a short two minute walk away from all our venues.

Looking for something a bit more unique and special? Rochester High Street, with its wide pavements and ornate lamp posts, has a range of traditional / independent shops and a selection of varied specialist restaurants.

The famous author Charles Dickens loved Rochester and many of the buildings featured in his great novels are to be seen when walking in and around the High Street, such as Restoration House.

Eager to explore a Napoleonic Fort?

The Medway Towns have a whole host of places to explore, the nearest being Fort Amherst - a 300 year old Napoleonic Fort which is supposedly haunted, and yes - they do ghost tours there!

Originally constructed in the early 1800s in preparation for a possible invasion, Chatham’s Fort Amherst was also used as a civil defense center in both world wars. Tours of the the vast tunnel system are available most days.

For more information, please visit www.FortAmherst.com

Enjoy medieval history?

A short journey away is Rochester Castle, which was strategically placed to guard an important river crossing. This imposing fortress boasts a complex history of destruction and rebuilding. In fact, the castle remained as a viable fortress until the sixteenth century.

Today it stands as a proud reminder of the history of Rochester along with the cathedral and cobbled streets.

Find out more by visiting the English Heritage website

Hearing the call of the sea?

Why not visit Chatham Dockyard which is just a few miles away from us to discover how ships, including HMS Victory, were designed and built. It's here you can also climb aboard a sloop, a destroyer and a submarine!

You can get hands-on in the Ropery, where rigging for HMS Victory was made and where rope is still made today or explore galleries that unfurl the secrets of Great Britain’s magnificent maritime past.

For more information, please visit www.TheDockyard.co.uk.

Still after something more?

Why not ask a member of staff before or after your game to see what they recommend.