Charitable Games

Whilst a small family run business, we like to do what we can for charity whether it be our 2018 sponsorship of 70 year-old Alzheimer’s sufferer John Tatham to successfully complete the London marathon (he raised over £9,000 for the charity fighting this disease), or smaller contributions to local charities - we of course have to be realistic with what’s possible and so try to ensure our donations are as effective as possible.

Over the past few years we have found that raffle donations often fail to raise a fraction of their value, but that auctions are far more successful and so this is now how we support as many causes as we can. If this would be of interest to you, this is how it works...

We post a promotion on our social media to gain you as much exposure as possible as this will reach the thousands of people who follow our pages. The message will include the charity details, the value of the game we are offering, and the reserve placed upon it (this is where the bidding should start from, and is usually around 75% of the value).

You can then share this post as well as encouraging others to do so... people have previously bid way in excess of the value with a recent auction raising £250 for a game worth £115.

We will accept the highest bid over the reserve, and on receipt of proof that the entire amount was paid directly to the charity we will release a voucher for the agreed amount of players. It’s as simple as that... so if you’d like to go ahead please email us (See our Contact Page for details) and we’ll help if we can!