Please use our booking form below to book tickets online for Escape Plan LIVE.

Tickets are in the form of a confirmation email which you can either print or show Escape Plan LIVE staff on your smartphone.

By booking tickets for Escape Plan LIVE, you agree to the Terms & Conditions which can be found by clicking here.
By booking tickets for Escape Plan LIVE, you acknowledge you and your group will stick to our Covid-19 Regulations which can be found by clicking here

The following are some of the measures we’ve put in place for the immediate future.

  • The organiser must leave their email address and phone number for contact tracing in the unlikely event that this should become necessary.
  • Players are required to bring and wear face masks (Masks are available to purchase at our venue).
  • Our staff will offer latex-free gloves for all players on arrival
  • Our staff will insist on players washing their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after their game.
  • Alteration or cancellation of a booking due to a Covid-19 related reason is not guaranteed; Escape Plan LIVE reserves the right to ask for evidence supporting your reason for an alteration to your booking.

Please be aware that to follow government guidelines, players will need to wear face masks at Escape Plan LIVE in all public areas to help stop the spread of COVID-19, however groups from the same household or bubble may remove masks once in the room. Masks will be available to purchase if necessary - but we encourage you to bring your own. Our staff will of course be following the same guidance for your safety, and in light of the most recent government guidelines, we will not be running any games after 10pm.

Please do not book a game unless you and your group intend to adhere to all relevant government advice and follow guidance from our staff. Please DO NOT attend if you or any of your team have symptoms related to COVID-19.

The current crisis is the greatest challenge Escape Plan LIVE has faced so far, but we’re still here and hope to outlast the virus with your help and support.
Please be careful when booking as (with the exception of 24-hour advanced notice for Covid-19 related issues) all games are non-refundable and non-transferable.