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PLEASE NOTE : An adult (aged 18+) is required if playing our regular games with a group member under 16.

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Game Prices
2 People
(£29.00 pp)
3 People
(£26.00 pp)
4 People
(£23.00 pp)
5 People
(£21.00 pp)
6 People
(£19.00 pp)
7 People
(£18.00 pp)
8 People
(£17.00 pp)
9 People
(£17.00 pp)
10 People
(£17.00 pp)
11 People
(£17.00 pp)
12 People
(£17.00 pp)
13 People
(£17.00 pp)
14 People
(£17.00 pp)

If you need to add an extra player at a later date... no problem! They'll pay the same per player price as the rest of your group based on the initial booking.

EXAMPLE: If you have booked for eight players at £136, the extra player would pay £17.00 (as this is the per player price for the initial group of eight players).

Once booked, it is not possible to amend the online booking so additional players must pay in advance by contacting us via email.

The Fenn Bell Conservation Project

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Jungle Bus
All aboard the Jungle Bus for a wild adventure you will never forget!

St George Hotel Games

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CSI: Killer Twist
The perfect adventure for want-to-be detectives!
CSI: Roger That!
An innuendo-filled crime scene full of outrageous clues and adult humour!
The Seance
You don't believe in ghosts, but all that will change...
What The Dickens!
A time travelling murder mystery with a Victorian twist!
The Naughty List
A festive special for families and the young at heart!

Pentagon Shopping Centre Games

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Kidnapped: Captive Audience
Why are you here? What do they want?
CSI: Murder Underground
Nobody has solved this cold case in decades... can you?

*But may return soon...

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The Clink
On which side of the bars will you be?
Air Raid
An explosive WW2 challenge for the whole family!

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