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CSI: Roger That!

Game Description

Ben Dover was an architect well-known for his impressive and spectacular erections… but now he lies dead in the street outside. The police have already concluded this is a break-in gone wrong after the robber attempted to smash his back door in… but as an experienced detective, you suspect there just maybe more to this crime scene than meets the eye. Evidence from Ben’s phone suggests he was up at the crack of Dawn, but Dawn denies this. A key to his house was found in her possession yet she insists he’d never given her one… despite his determination to do so. Can you solve the clues and bring the murderer to justice?

PLEASE NOTE: This comical (almost) adults only, innuendo-filled crime solving caper is strictly for ages 15+ with parental consent required for players under 18 years of age due to adult themes, language, and humour. Detective skills are helpful, but an open mind is essential!

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