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The Naughty List

Game Description

Uh oh! You've found out that you're on Santa's naughty list this year - and you know that this means there will not be any presents for you! Or does it? You've managed to find where the list is kept, but the elves have taken no chances - it's kept securely and is well protected. Sneaking a peek is not going to be as easy as you hoped... but if you can just manage to cross your name out, then all you need to do is be really good from now on and you just might get what you were hoping for this Christmas!

PLEASE NOTE: You can choose whose names will actually feature on Santa's naughty list! Please email us the FIRST NAMES of those you'd like to appear on the list along with the TOWN in which they live (eg. Ross F from Chatham) no earlier than ONE WEEK, and no later than ONE DAY prior to your game. The email should be titled... 'NAUGHTY NAMES: Date, time of your game' (eg. NAUGHTY NAMES: 24/12/24, 11.30am).

BE ADVISED: Whilst we are all as helpful as possible, the Christmas period is our busiest - so if you do not follow the instructions EXACTLY to provide the names for the NAUGHTY LIST it is VERY unlikely we'll be able to include them or accommodate last minute changes due to the way the game is run. Please take care when sending the email to include everything precisely as specified under THE NAUGHTY LIST 'Game Description' to avoid disappointment.

Game Details

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