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The Seance


Game Description

Deep within this historic hotel lies a room that’s been kept a secret for years. Everyone who stayed there reported strange happenings and checked out before the night was through, so the area was eventually locked and left unoccupied… until now. Having heard rumours of these mysterious occurrences, you're determined to prove there's a rational explanation - but it’s becoming easier to believe in ghosts now you’re actually here and the lights appear to have a life of their own, objects are being moved by unseen forces, and something is definitely trying to communicate with you! The door through which you entered is now inexplicably shut suggesting whoever is haunting the room wants you to stay… at least until you've managed to help their trapped tormented spirit rest in peace.

Game Details

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Game Prices
2 People
(£29.00 pp)
3 People
(£26.00 pp)
4 People
(£23.00 pp)
5 People
(£21.00 pp)
6 People
(£19.00 pp)